Charities Close to the Heart of Team Kerr

Giving back to Charities

We believe that the best businesses should not only provide quality goods and services to customers but also do their part to make the world at large a better place.  As a real estate company, we strive to help settle home buyers into the house of their dreams while helping sellers make the most of a big transition in life.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we are bound to real estate.  Here at Team Kerr, we firmly believe in helping other organizations give back to causes that are close to our hearts.  Continue reading to learn more about the charities that we wholeheartedly support through regular donations from business profits.  

Ecojustice – Putting Ideas to Action

Environmental justice is very important to us, and perhaps no organization is doing more for the cause than Ecojustice.  Ecojustice uses the courtroom as their playing field as they seek to fight for community health, slow the effects of climate change, and protect the natural world as a whole.   Many other environmental organizations, such as the David Suzuki Foundation discussed above, use the professionals at Ecojustice to turn their ideas and struggles into legislation.  After all, it is only through legal recognition that the environmental causes we care so deeply about will be put into action.

Senior Animals in Need Today Society (SAINTS) – Giving Hope to Forgotten Animals

SAINTS is an end-of-life sanctuary for animals of all kinds to spend their remaining days.  This organization takes in old animals or those with special needs in order to give them a place to be happy and relax for the final years of their lives.  Just a quick look at their website shows how compassionate and loving the people at SAINTS are about what they do, and Team Kerr is happy to support them any way we can.  Matt Kerr has a special connection to the place, as it is strikingly similar to how he was raised on a 2.7-acre property near Victoria where his parents rescued all types of animals.  

There is no shortage of worthy causes to support in this world and, as a local Canadian business, we believe it is our duty to get behind those that we are particularly passionate about.  The above organizations are a sampling of charities that Team Kerr finds especially important, and we couldn’t be more proud of the work they are doing to make Canada a leader in the world of social and environmental justice.  

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