Selling Your House with Team Kerr

When you’re selling your house, you really couldn’t be in safer hands than by working with Team Kerr. As a small group which collectively brings together the most experienced and esteemed REALTORS® in Vancouver, we will work with you to make what could otherwise seem like a daunting process both simple and stress-free. We will take the time to assess your needs by identifying the reasons for selling your home in the first place, enabling us to develop a clear strategy for finding a buyer, as well as searching for your next property. We will go out of our way to make every stage of the journey as smooth as possible.

Home Worth

Submit information about your home to us and we will look it over, compare with recent sales in your area and get back to you with a ‘Home Worth’ report.

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Preparing Your Home

Selling a home is easier when you present buyers with what they are looking for, making it as appealing to as large a clientele as possible. First impressions matter in this business and when inviting prospective buyers to view your house, it’s essential that you give due care in preparing it to ensure it makes the right impression. Dressing a property for sale is a fine art, and one which our team can advise upon, after our many years of experience.

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